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About me

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Facts about me

  • I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • I have two sons: Isak (born 2013) and Samuel (born 2016). I had them with in vitro fertilisation (IVF).  
  • My first name comes from my grandmother who was a Jewish immigrant from Poland. They changed her name to Berta at the border. My parent’s revenge was to give me the name. 
  • I studied business at Copenhagen Business School, and journalism at New York University.
  • I arrived in New York late august 2001, and one of the first things I experienced was 9/11. I feel a strong bond to New York. 
  • I first encountered value investing back in 2001, when taking courses at Stern Business School (NYU). I presented the book Irrational Exuberance (Robert Shiller) to my class and immediately converted to the idea that the market is irrational. 
  • I began investing in 2004 and invested as much as I could during the financial crisis. 
  • I thought I would work as a journalist until I was very old, and for many years I only invested through my retirement savings. That changed when I got fired on maternity leave. 

















My name is Beile Grünbaum

“Financial freedom is possible for normal people like you and me.”

I was fired in a round of layoffs from my job as a business journalist shortly after I had given birth to my second son.

I was a single mom with two kids, a 2 year old and a 3 month old. I entered a state of financial panic. I struggled to afford basic things like fruit, diapers and pacifiers.   

I decided never to go through anything similar again and began studying money and investing. I read all the books, I took many courses and classes, at many institutions including Columbia University, and I followed a hedge fund manager for a year.  

It took me three years to become financially independent, and I have learned that it is possible for everyone, including you. 

There is no magic trick, but there is a method that originates from a grandfather with the mind of a shopkeeper. 

I buy shares when they are cheap and sell them again when they are expensive. This method is commonly known as value investing. You probably know it from the famous investor Warren Buffett (who is a grandfather and the son of a shopkeeper). 

Value investing is the most thoughtful and conscientious way of investing. You know where your money is going, and it is also a method that gives you a much higher return on your investments. 

If you are dependent on your salary and you lose your income,  you are in a vulnerable position. It’s important that you get your money working for you, so you can support yourself no matter what happens. 

All this talk of money is ultimately about living a wonderful life. With financial independence comes a feeling of security and a freedom of choice that is liberating. 

Having read so far, you are probably ready to become financially free. The decision is the first step. The second step is doing, and I can help you with that every step of the way.  

You are in good hands, because I have tried the journey myself, and I know what works. I have a lot of knowledge, but most importantly, I am very good at explaining it in a way that is accessible to everyone, without the need for a degree in finance and economics.


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“I had a strategy call with Beile and got a lot out of it: a better understanding of my own finances, but also numbers and economics in general.”

Marie Marvel Olofsen

Skærmbillede 2019 06 10 kl. 17.17.27
“Beile is competent, informed and inspiring.”

Vicki Therkildsen

Skærmbillede 2019 06 10 kl. 17.17.27
“Beile Grünbaum will push you and encourage you to invest and become your own qualified decision maker. She is knowledgeable and an excellent communicator.”

Ingrid Bugge