If you want to create wealth, you have to go get it.

It isn’t just going to happen to you.

You must believe that you have the power to create it. You have to take a position of responsibility.

Now, most people don’t do that. Most people live unconsciously. They let life happen to them, instead of creating the life they want.

People give away their power to create the life they want, and they don’t even know it.

Many people play the victim in life –  and that takes away their power.

Here are three things that you must stop doing now if you want to regain control. 

1. Stop Blaming 

It’s no one’s fault but yours. You chose it. 

Do you entertain the blame game? Do you have the habit of pointing the finger at others?

People blame the weather, their boss, their parents (oh, this is a big one), their health, the economy, the stock market, racists, bigots, the elections, the government, chauvinists, customer service, their partner, their spouse.

The problem with this is that you’re avoiding taking responsibility for what’s going on. You’re giving away your power. You’re playing the victim.

By the way, if you know someone who does this, run away.

They might blame their mother today, but tomorrow it’ll be you. Those in proximity of the victims are targets, so they don’t have to face their own faults. Watch out!

2. Stop Justifying

If you ever went to a prison and asked the inmates about the crimes they’ve committed, you would discover that they’ll spend a lot of energy justifying what happened.

‘It’s not such a big deal’. ‘He hit me first’. ‘She was a bitch’. ‘I needed the money.’

Only rarely will you hear a convict express true remorse and assume a position of personal responsibility.

Think about that the next time you try to justify something you’re not happy with. You’re really trying to justify why you didn’t get up and change the situation. 

What people often say about money is: ‘Money’s not that important’.

If you ever hear anyone say anything like that, you can be sure that they’re broke. They’re justifying why they don’t have it, and in doing that they are pushing it further away. 

If you had a friend who said that you weren’t that important, would you hang around a lot? Same with money. If you don’t appreciate it, you won’t attract a lot of it. 

3. Stop Complaining 

When you complain about something, you’ll attract more of the thing you are complaining about.

When you complain, you’re stuck in the situation, and you stop thinking about solutions.

Complaining is the worst thing you can do if you want to change your life. Complaining is a black hole that will suck up all your energy – and the energy of those around you.

The worst thing about negativity is that it’s very contagious. If you ever spent time around a complainer, you’d soon notice how you began to agree about life’s misfortunes and soon you’d begin adding to the list of complaints.

If you hear someone complain – run.

If you can’t run, just say ‘uh huh’ while you think about something else, and change the subject when you can. Sorry if that sounds rude. We all have a responsibility to protect ourselves against diseases – also those of the soul. 

You Can’t Have Both

There’s no such thing as a rich, happy, successful victim.

They don’t exist.

So you have to decide which one you want.

Do you want a great life? Or do you want to gripe and grumble? 

Which is it going to be?

What do you do if you catch yourself complaining, criticizing or blaming?

No worries. You get a second chance. You get to change your mind.

Just catch the thought or the sentence and delete it. Snap your finger, slap your face, or do some other gesture to wake you up and change your state.

Say, “I take that back.” Or, “Delete, delete, here’s what I want to say instead.”

Find your own way to do it. You get to have fun with it. 

So are you ready to take responsibility of your happiness and your finances?

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