Our lives are built on the voices of our childhood. 

What do your voices tell you? 

That rich people are greedy? That investing is risky? That money is the root of all evil?

I hope not, because you’ll stay stuck with those thoughts.

Notice what the voices inside you tell you. 

What they tell you becomes your truth. 

If you think negative things about money or investing – or even negative things about your own ability to handle money or stocks – then that will be exactly how it turns out. 

No worries though. We can change your thoughts. One by one. 

It really works wonders when you begin saying something else in your mind.

Let’s look at some alternative beliefs. 

1. Money is Energy

Money isn’t the root of anything. You can do whatever you want with it.

Money has no intentions. You can buy guns or you can donate to The Red Cross. 

Money is just a way of exchanging goods and services. It has no value in itself. It’s what you spend it on that’s important.

You can say that money enhances the qualities you already possess. If you are goodhearted, you’ll be even more so with more money. 

It’s like energy. If you have energy, you can do a lot of things, but having energy doesn’t make you bad or good. It depends on what you decide to do with it.

2. My Money Works For Me and Multiplies 

Rich people aren’t rich because they have money. They’re rich because they have assets that give them money. 

They are, in other words, rich because they know how to make money work for them so they can work less.

What are assets? Assets are little money machines. Something that earns you money. They can be stocks, bonds or rental property- or even your own company.

The opposite of that is liabilities. They cost you money. This can be credit card debt, a mortgage, overdraft, or any other loan. 

A billionaire recently said when interviewed on his luxurious yacht: “It’s difficult to have a money-devouring yacht if you are paid by the hour.”

That really hit home with me, because isn’t that what most of us do? We get a nice degree, a nice job, but we are essentially paid by the hour and are working hard to pay off student debt and the mortgage.

3. I Am Enough  

I really love this sentence.

It comes from a hypnotherapist called Marisa Peer. According to her, a lot of people overspend because they don’t feel good enough.

They might buy expensive clothes for a party because they feel insecure. They might always pick up the bill because they feel unworthy of the company.  

The sentence “I am enough” removes a lot of that insecurity that a lot of people are struggling with.  Self-doubt is a common plague, like stress. You can fight it by changing the narrative in your mind. Just tell yourself:

“I am enough.”

4. I Create Generational Wealth  

Financial freedom is really just the starting point. It’s where you get a feeling of security and freedom for life. But I want you to aim above that level.

It really gives me a sense of being on a mission when I remind myself that I’m creating generational wealth. This isn’t really about me. There’s a lot more going on. 

5. I’m Financially Free   

Even if you’re not yet, just say it to yourself, because it gives your mind a command. It shows your mind which direction you want.

In a car race, the driver is never supposed to look at the object he is afraid of crashing into. If he begins focusing on the tree, he will unconsciously steer towards that. The driver has to keep his eyes on the track and the target.

Look at where you want to go and remind yourself of that. Tell yourself that you are that.

Don’t ever look at what you fear will happen.

6. I Exploit the Fear of the Market 

I like this sentence because it reminds me that I’m a value investor, and that it’s possible to get a higher return by investing in an intelligent way.

It keeps me rational when the market goes crazy. It does go crazy from time to time, and when it does, we should be chanting our ten sentences like a Buddhist monk.

7. My Money Will Do Good in the World 

I invest according to my values and principles. That’s why I can say that my money does good in the world – because I carefully monitor what it’s doing.

What does it mean to invest according to your values?

It means investing in companies that look after the environment if the future of our planet is important to you.

It means investing in companies with a fair representation of women in management and on the board if gender equality is important to you. 

It also means avoiding anything that you cannot vouch for. 

8. I Make More Money than I Spend  

This is really the root of financial independence: Always spend less than you earn and invest the rest.

This little formula will make you rich in time.

9. Whatever I Give Comes Back to Me Manifold 

There will be costs, and there will be necessary investments. 

Maybe you have to pay someone to build a website for a business you want to launch.

Maybe you need an investing course to excel at investing.

Sometimes you need to let go of some money in order to make more in the future. If you stay stuck and clutch your money too tight, you’ll have a hard time progressing to the next level. 

Think about what you send out into the world and trust that it will return to you manifold. Because it will. 

10. I Attract Money from Unexpected Resources

I like this sentence because it makes me look for new ways to make money.

It’s like a command in the computer of my mind to find money.

When I had less money than I have now, I was pretty good at renting out my apartment through Airbnb when I went on vacation and selling used baby stuff or pitching myself for a paid talk. 

Today I use this mindset in my business and my investing practice. It no longer makes sense for me to spend time on getting an apartment ready for Airbnb or selling stuff on eBay because I can use the same time somewhere else where I make more money with that time. 

And what a relief that is.  

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